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Go deep into the roots of Poland with Cities of Peace

The 75th Anniversary event commemorating the Liberation of Auschwitz will take place on January 27, 2020. Cities of Peace is hosting a travel and educational experience called the Auschwitz Initiative* during this monumental time in Poland. Be a part of it!

The Auschwitz Initiative’s Inaugural Trip

A Once in a Lifetime Experience

What makes this trip unique?
Private gatherings, which have been tailored to honor this milestone.

  • An evening of exclusive dining to include the Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Krakow; the Director of the JCC Krakow; the Mayor of Krakow; the Director of ICC and the US Consul General.
  • Art, Art, Art! Meeting artists, their families, scholars and educators. Attending the gala for the unveiling of the Commemorative painting at The Galicia Jewish Museum.
  • Visits to historical sites in Krak√≥w and Warsaw that are customized for this trip.
  • Interact with local citizens to learn about their lives today.

*The Auschwitz Initiative is a first of its kind, forward-looking peace building & healing initiative through arts engagement, education, and cultural diplomacy.