To host a speaker, please contact Sheri at (917) 991-0008 or email

Topics for discussion:

  • History of Illumination and Illuminated Manuscripts
  • Illumination Training Techniques
  • Peace-building and the Arts / for Educators for Artists / for the General Public
  • Empowering Cis and Trans Art Visionary leaders and Entrepreneurs
  • Art and Social Justice
  • Spiritual Principles for art making
  • History of Esthetic theory
  • Rekindling Creatively: Fanning the Flame of Art
  • Nature and the Imagination
  • Climate Change and the Arts
  • Memory, Structures, and Memorial Art
  • Memory, Consciousness and the Arts
  • Literary Architecture
  • Guided Meditation on the Violence and Non-violence in the arts: The history and efficacy of
    EYE, HAND, HEART: How to see and how to create