Peace Education


Our Peace Education goals are to establish:

  • CITIES OF PEACE ILLUMINATED® traveling exhibitions
  • Global satellite CITIES OF PEACE ILLUMINATED Centers
  • Educational training for economically disadvantaged, underrepresented youth in conflict zones

To achieve this, EFIAF provides innovative educational programs:

  • Hands-on, collaborative mentoring and training of international interns working with scholars and artist
  • Interdisciplinary research and creative application (history; visual, literary, musical arts; math; science)
  • Understanding and appreciation of world cities, diverse cultural traditions, religions, ethnicities, and governance

Young people, including war orphans, undereducated youth, experience learning that builds confidence, leadership, analytical ability, and ethical awareness. International educators, artists and interns acquire skills to establish new global CITIES OF PEACE ILLUMINATED Centers in communities suffering poverty and strife.

EFIAF hopes to increase and attract private and corporate partnerships and funding opportunities to advance CITIES OF PEACE ILLUMINATED Peace Education goals. EFIAF works with: Prince’s School of Traditional Art, London; Harvard’s Aga Khan Program for Islamic architecture; Gazi Usrev Beg, Sarajevo; Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York; Claro Learning, United Kingdom; United Nations; Global Campaign for Peace Education, Hague Appeal; Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, Weden; Helpanka, Sri Lanka.