Floral motif with the Star of David.




22 Karat Gold Leaf

Inspired by the scenic approach to Jerusalem (Israel) the cab rounding a corner, the first glimpse of the old city wall, and the city itself hovering behind King David’s Gate the painting celebrates the Golden City. Drawn from early photographs that capture the shape of the hill upon which Jerusalem sits, the work records the wall, the Golden Gate, the Dome of the Rock, and the city in its entirety abstracted, interpreted, felt, and loved.

The border pattern symbolizes peace by uniting a historical Islamic floral motif with the Star of David. The hundreds of tiny figures within the painting are all of us, those who dwell in Jerusalem and those in other cities, hoping for peace in that troubled part of the world. They represent the conviction that all people aspire to transformation, joy, freedom of worship, and freedom to live meaningful and safe lives.