The Book of Judith is a contemporary illuminated manuscript that tells the ancient, inspiring story of Judith, a woman of valor, who single handedly saves her small town from Assyrian military take-over and religious oppression. It chronicles the historic struggle for religious freedom in a contemporary voice while echoing the great illuminated manuscripts that flourished in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The Book of Judith is the product of collaboration with eminent Hebrew scholar Everett Fox, ideas from rabbis and spiritual teachers and the work of a team of brilliant and committed international intern artists representing all faiths and ethnicities, including Cuban-Haitian and Vietnamese-American. Countries of origin include Canada, Israel, Ireland, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, and the U.S. Interns who worked on the project are: Hillary Broder, Laura Byrne, Natasha Camhi, Jazmine Catasus, Emily Deutchman, Derek Elmore, Rachel Fowler, Nehama Grenimann-Bauch, Illana Hester, David Huettner, Patricia Johnston, Valeria Koutmina, Ajda Mladenovic, Clara Nguyen, Juri Puc, Rebecca White, Eugene Yeap, and Masa Zmitec.

The Book of Judith continues EFIAF's commitment to transform anguish into beauty, much as we were propelled to do in our Cities of Peace project.



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